Sports Injury

Our Sports Injury Clinic has been established for over 40 years and our main aim is the treatment and prevention of injuries either in the sporting environment or day to day life.


We have worked within the sporting environment for many years from professional level (Leicester City & Nottingham Forest Football Clubs) to grass roots level of the games. Our main source of patients is through word of mouth and that has given us great pride in the work we do.


We don't just treat sporting injuries, we care and treat young and elderly against an array of arthritic conditions, to provide them with as much relief as possible. Please do not hestitate to contact us for any of your questions or queries.


Our services & aims

  • Strapping & Taping (including Kinesio & E.A.B)

  • Deep Tissue massage

  • Hot/Cold therapy

  • Return player(s) to full functional fitness in the shortest but safest time

  • Treatment and rehabilitation of injuries including excersise programmes

  • Education of injury and prevention of 

  • Referrals for G.P (if required)

  • Arthritic Conditions (lower back, knee, shoulder, legs, neck etc)



Our sports injury room has a quiet and relaxing atmosphere where you will feel comfortable and at ease.


We also have supports/taping/ice gels available to purchase at competitive rates

Please contact us for questions, prices and advice